Three wedding cakes on a table

Courtney & Michaels Enchanting Sinclair Wedding

If I were to describe Courtney and Michael’s Sinclair of Skaneateles wedding with one word, the word I would pick would be “magical!”

On this day, the venue was absolutely stunning, down to every little detail. They say planning is in the details, and this level of detail that went into this wedding day was the planning work coordinated by Elizabeth of Paper Crane Calligraphy. As you walked into The Sinclair, you immediately noticed all the lovely roses decorating the tables with the most prevalent floral arrangement in the center of the banquet room on Courtney and Michael’s sweetheart table and behind them on the Sinclair’s fireplace mantle. Cedar & Sweet Pea also had roses and flowers of various color from white, pink, blush and purple on guests tables that looked spectacular accompanied with She Rents Vintage plate settings that were white with pink on the outside with a slight gold trim on the edges. They really set the plates off and matched perfectly with the gold utensils.

On the center of each plate was an elegant-looking dinner menu designed by Maureen of Stone Fruit edged with a gold ribbon and butterflies occasionally seen around the ribbon. Another beautiful touch in the banquet room was a lounge area next to the dancefloor that Katie of She Rents Vintage had placed for guests to enjoy throughout the night complete with a sofa and chairs.

Next to the lounge area, I was setup with my DJ workstation that had another one of Stone Fruit’s designs on the TV as the focal point of my DJ station with Courtney & Michaels name on a light blue background with more ribbon around the outside of the design just like on the menus. Just to my left was the amazing cake which Stacey of The Cake Shop CNY had just put the finishing touches on with the placement of the three cakes upon the cake table. The detail of the cakes was incredible with tiny light blue and pink butterflies that circled each cake with an occasional flower and green cluster, giving the appearance to me that the butterflies were dancing around the flowers. As incredible as the cake looked trust me, it tasted just as amazing! As much as I was in awe staring at all the lovely details of the venue, I had to go outside and prepare for the ceremony.

Bride standing next to a window in her wedding dress. Courtesy of Nick & Natasha
Photo courtesy of Nick & Natasha

As I stepped out front of the Sinclair, Courtney and Michael were doing their first look without looking at each other. I know, I know, “how can you have a first looking without looking at each other?” you may ask yourself. Well, at The Sinclair there are three levels to the building and Courtney was on the third floor and Michael was one level below on the second floor. This was the time Courtney and Mike were photographed with each other. Photographers Nick & Natasha were capturing this special moment alongside videographer Brit of Briteclarke Productions as Brit hoovered her drone facing the Sinclair, taking incredible aerial shots. Saying I cannot wait to see all the pictures and video is an understatement! Mike looked so dapper in his suit and Courtney looked like a princess standing atop The Sinclair in her stunning Claire Pettibone dress with slight alterations, courtesy of Lanye of Gee June Bridal. Gee June is one of 50 bridal boutiques authorized to carry stunning Claire Pettibone dresses. After the no look first look, it was off to the ceremony area to shortly begin the ceremony as guests started to arrive to the venue.

Three-story stone building with the bride on the top balcony and the groom on the middle balcony

Walking to the back of The Sinclair to the ceremony site, guests arrived to the most beautiful violin music performed by Jesse of A Note of Elegance, which continued on through the duration of the ceremony. The intimate ceremony was capped off as Michael, like a giddy little boy heard saying “yeesssss” when he for the first time was told by officiant Christian, he could kiss his wife Courtney, which made for the cutest little moment before the couple made their recessional walk out of the ceremony. It was a beautiful day for the outdoor cocktail hour on the patio of The Sinclair and to be serenaded once again with A Note of Elegance’s lovely violin music in the background. After the conclusion of cocktail hour guests were seated inside the banquet area of The Sinclair to witness the bridal party introductions and Courtney & Michael’s grand entrance and choreographed first dance to a song from Disney’s motion picture Cinderella’s “La Valse de L’Amour” by Patrick Doyle. Their first dance was another incredible moment to witness, and I can’t wait to relive the moment when I get to see Nick & Natasha and Brit’s of Briteclarke Productions photos and video!

After introductions and first dance, guests dined to the always incredible meals form The Sinclair’s in-house caterer Rosalie’s Cucina. I sat at the vendor table upstairs during the dinner hour with all the vendors, and we were all just blown away with our meals. It was hard to not want to overeat with such a delicious dinner!

After dinner, Courtney and Michael went over to their cake to make the ceremonial first cut as I played in the background another Disney track from the Girls Rock album “Miracles Happen” by Myra. Everyone was so astonished with the detail that was put into The Cake Shop CNY “butterfly cake” Stacy created and enjoyed watching Courtney & Michael enjoy the first slice together.

The rest of the night was spent celebrating by dancing on an energetic dance floor. To the side of the dance floor was one of the coolest things I have ever seen: a Live Watercolor Artist, Paintographer. Not only was the artist painting stills of my dancefloor, she was also painting room settings of the Sinclair throughout the reception. Paintographer’s work was so beautiful, and it was such a unique cool thing to have incorporated into a wedding! After lots of dancing, the night drew to a close with two classic great songs to bring things to an end. The first song was “I’m So Excited” by the Pointer sisters and the very fitting last song was “The Last Dance” by Donna Summer. As with every wedding, I did not want this day to come to an end, but just like every fairytale, there was a happy ending!

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